Oficial da PM do Acre é selecionado pela ONU para Missão de Paz no Sudão do Sul

A seleção do Tenente-Coronel PMAC Marcos da Silva Kinpara para a Missão das Nações Unidas no Sudão do Sul (UNMISS) foi confirmada pelo Secretariado das Nações Unidas.


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UNMIT Daily Media Review, 21 November 2012

Local News-Broadcast
· Guterres: Timor-Leste off of UN agenda

Local News-Press
· UNMIT hands over materials to the Government
· UN accept Timor-Leste’s g7+ initiative
· Pedro Klamar Fuik appointed as advisor for UN mission in Guinea-Bissau

International News
· Lusa News (Portugal): GNR begin to leave Timor-Leste

Local News-Broadcast

Guterres: Timor-Leste off of UN agenda
Radio e Televisão de Timor-Leste, 21 November 2012

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Luis Guterres said that Timor-Leste had decided to be off of the UN Security Council’s agenda as the country is now able to guarantee security and stability for its people.

Guterres said that he took part in the UN Security Council meeting to convey messages about Timor-Leste.

The Portuguese Language Community (CPLP) and all the Security Council members expressed appreciation for Timor-Leste’s efforts as it is able to take over security responsibility. 

“This is the last meeting of the UN Security Council about Timor-Leste’s security issue. We told all the UN Security Council members that Timor-Leste does not want the presence of the UN Peacekeeping Mission anymore,” said Guterres 

Local News-Press

UNMIT hands over materials to the Government
Timor Post (page 15)

Suai- the United Nations continues to prepare their materials to be handed over to the government before the end of the mission in December.

This statement was made by Secretary of State for Decentralization Tomas Cabral in a handover ceremony at the United Nations in Covalima District.

Cabral said that the UN facilities [in Suai] that have been handed over to Government will continue to be kept in Suai.

“These facilities that the United Nations delivered to us will be used to establish the municipal commission in Covalima District that will be realized in January next year,” said Cabral.

Cabral said that all the materials that the United Nations hands over will be controlled by the Ministry of Finance.

During the ceremony to handover the facilities, UNMIT Chief of Mission Support Clark Toes said that all the UN facilities in Covalima District will belong to the Government including the workshop generators, building materials, oil tanks, water tanks, electric facilities, and carpentry materials.

Toes said that they worked together with the central government to peacefully and successfully carry out the UN mission in the districts.

Toes added that all the materials that UNMIT gave to Covalima District are in good condition.

UN accept Timor-Leste’s g7+ initiative 
Suara Timor Lorosae 21 November 2012

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão said the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had accepted Timor-Leste’s g7+ initiative. 

The Prime Minister made the comments at Dili Nicolao Lobato Airport after returning from Haiti.

Gusmão said that the World Bank in Tokyo would also talk about g7+ once a year, so that the World Bank can help support poor countries.

“There has been some progress; therefore we should keep up with this example. Right now the g7+ is looking at indicators from each country. We do our own indicators,” said Gusmão. 

Pedro Klamar Fuik appointed as advisor for UN mission in Guinea-Bissau
Timor Post 21 November 2012 (last page)

The Timorese Defence Force (F-FDTL) Command has decided to appoint Colonel Pedro Klamar Fuik to become an advisor for the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping Mission in Guinea-Bissau.

Secretary of State for Defence Julio Tomas Pinto said that F-FDTL Command planned to send Klamar Fuik to Guinea Bissau early but it had to be postponed due to a technical problem.

“F-FDTL Command has appointed Colonel Pedro Klamar Fuik to become UN adviser for Guinea Bissau. But we have not sent him yet because of a technical problem”, said Pinto.