Closure of the Pearson Centre

Closure of the Pearson Centre
Statement from the President and Chief Executive Officer
By Kevin McGarr | 26 September 2013

It is with sadness that I announce that the Pearson Centre is in the process of closing its operations. Details of the closure are being finalized and will be shared in due course. The Pearson Centre is fully committed to meeting its current obligations and we will be contacting clients and partners in the coming days to discuss specific projects and activities.

The global security and financial landscapes have changed significantly in the last years, and the Pearson Centre has evolved in response. We have moved well beyond those activities for which we were traditionally known – namely the pre-deployment training of peacekeepers – to offer specialized and customized training, institutional capacity building and mentoring to individuals and organizations, both public and private, in order to create the conditions for security, democracy and economic development to flourish. The Pearson Centre has greatly appreciated the confidence that the Government of Canada, other national governments, international organizations such as the United Nations and local and regional partners have had in us, as they have supported our projects and activities.

Canadians should be proud of what the Pearson Centre has accomplished over the past two decades, on their behalf. We have trained over 18,000 participants from the military, police and civilian communities from over 150 countries, who have gone on to effectively contribute to peace and security operations around the world.

In recent years, we have worked with countries in Africa and Latin America to build their capacity to deploy personnel to international operations, which in turn has strengthened their internal security capabilities. With the support of the Pearson Centre, countries such as Burkina Faso have adopted a gender strategy for their international deployments. We have enhanced the protection of women and children in Warrap State, South Sudan through the provision of training to customary judges, traditional leaders and local government officials and we have worked in partnership with the Colombian government to articulate a strategic plan for their international engagement.

The Pearson Centre has also developed tailored training materials to provide the Afghan National Police with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for effective community-based policing during the electoral process and we have contributed to the management of countless exercises across Europe and Africa. And, we have worked with the Canadian extractive sector to provide training to their security personnel on human rights and the local, national and international legislation that apply to their duties and responsibilities.

Through these activities and more, the Pearson Centre has consistently demonstrated our dedication to the advancement of peaceful, stable and functioning societies. We have done so while honouring our values of respect, integrity, teamwork and excellence. I am fully confident that the many people who have worked for and partnered with us over the years will continue to work together to establish the conditions for a more peaceful world.

Kevin McGarr
President and Chief Executive Officer
Pearson Centre

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