MINUSTAH Police Commissioner Luis Carrilho receives the book “Sierra Romeo 8”


“On the morning of August 19, 2013, MINUSTAH Police Commissioner Luis Miguel Carrilho, which is a high ranked officer and a Executive of Police with the Portuguese Public Safety Police (PSP), met with Brazilian Police Officer, Capt. Sérgio Carrera Melo Neto, at MINUSTAH UNPOL HQ in Port Au Prince, for a courtesy visit. Capt. Sérgio is currently assigned to the Human Resources Development Unit (HRDU). The main purpose of the meeting was to hand Commissioner Carrilho the book “Sierra Romeo 8 – Uma Operação de Paz na Africa”, sent by the author, retired Brazilian Police Officer Lieutenant-Colonel Antônio Sérgio Carréra, who once served as a Police Observer (CIVPOL) with the UN on its Peacekeeping Operation in Mozambique (ONUMOZ), who is also UNPOL Sergio’s father.

As Mr. Carrilho is a great scholar when the subject is focused on the issues related to the UN Police Component on field missions, and also due the fact he served in two different UN Missions prior to MINUSTAH (Timor Leste and Bosnia), he highlighted the importance of publications about UN Missions around the world, even those mixed in a fictional scenario, in the portuguese language, as a way to spread the subject globally. Mr. Carrilho encourages everyone to carry out studies and research on the topic.

“Fantastic!” – Said Commissioner Carrilho, referring to the author’s initiative in writing the book. At that opportunity, he expressed his deeply affection to Mozambique and its people.

At the time, Carrilho thanked Lt. Col Antônio Sérgio through his son, for his kind consideration. He stated that he was already willing to start reading the book as the title had arisen great interest on him.”

Fonte: Blog UNPolice.

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