UNMIT Daily Media Review, 20 November 2012

National News 

F-FDTL and PNTL make significant progress through cooperation with UNMIT 
Diário Nacional (page 15) 

Secretary of State for Defense Julio Tomas Pinto said that F-FDTL and PNTL have made significant progress during the UNMIT mission in Timor-Leste. 

“UNMIT said that through the cooperation that has taken place over these years we have made significant progress, especially in the area of policing and with F-FDTL,” said Pinto. 

In the area of defense UNMIT provided advisors to support the work of F-FDTL and the Secretary of State for Defense. 

“The progress that we have made with them is in assistance techniques, the area of F-FDTL and they also facilitated human resources training for military police. They also trained F-FDTL members on the border to know how to communicate with the Indonesian force,” said Pinto. 

Pinto added that there were many obstacles during UNMIT, especially with different ideas between Timor-Leste and UNMIT but this is normal. 

“I was sometimes a stakeholder who worked together with them. Their work is honest.” 

Pinto, representing the Government of Timor-Leste, to apologized to the members of UNMIT who work in the area of defense, for any miscommunications. 

“I apologize since maybe during their work there were miscommunications between the government and UNMIT staff who work in this area.’ 

“Everyone knows that I need to say that because in 2010 I wrote an article that strongly attacked UNMIT because we don’t want other nations being involved in the plans of our government because we prepare our plan and they just come to adapt it,” said Pinto. 

“I expressed my apologies that as a member of the IV Constitutional Government, working together that is now in the V Constitutional Government, and I recognize that we have made significant progress,” said Pinto. 

Timor-Leste asks for change in the UN 
Independente (cover page) 

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão will ask the United Nations to make changes so they will take decisions democratically. 

“I suggested making changes in the United Nations because the United Nations created the Second World War. Their mechanism and their manner is still the same,” said Gusmão. 

“Right now in the Security Council the five countries in the world that have power do not agree with each other, there is still war, and if they agree with each other these is still war, and a lot of poor people,” said Gusmão. 

Gusmão supports Indonesia, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, and Australia to be permanent members of the United Nations Security Council in the future. 

17 PNTL members are ready to join UN Missions 
Suara Timor Lorosae (page 2) 

17 PNTL members are ready to serve as United Nations Police. 

“The other nations that already decided to have police members include Timor-Leste. We are waiting for the UN to send a letter to the PNTL Commander to send the 17 members to take part as United Nations Police in December or January,” said PNTL Commander Longuinhos Monteiro. 

According to Monteiro, involving PTNL members in UN Police will enhance the capacity PNTL members. 

“As a Timorese we are proud because we can also participate in missions in other countries or in United Nations missions,” said Monteiro. 

The UNMIT Daily Media Review provides a selection of local and international media stories for the information of UN personnel. UNMIT is not responsible for the content or the accuracy of the news stories. The inclusion of selected articles does not imply endorsement by UNMIT. Any public distribution of the Daily Media Review is a courtesy service extended by UNMIT.

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