Police Lieutenant-Colonel Cynthiane, first Brazilian PMDF female officer to participate in a UN Peacekeeping Operations takes command in Brasilia – Federal District, Brazil.

The commander at the ceremony of assumption of office.

Fhoto/Source: Site PMDF.


The first female commissioned officer of the Military State Police of the Federal District (PMDF) to join a UN Peacekeeping Mission (East Timor) was recently appointed by the Hon. Mr. General- Commander  of the Department to take the command of the 7th Police Battalion of the Federal District, in charge for the police activities in the cities of Sudoeste, Octagonal and Cruzeiro.

Lieutenant-Colonel Cynthiane, besides being a UN Peacekeeping Mission veteran, is one of very few female police officers to conclude the Special Operations Course (Curso de Operações Especiais – COEsp), i.e., one of the few female Police Special Ops in Brazil, better known in the country as a “Caveira” (Skulls) – name given to all police special operations officer.

Known for her ability to perform great jobs in different activities of professional life, operational and administrative, she´s worked in different local and federal agencies. Her international and national experience will surely contribute to a efficient management and close contact program with the local community.

Success to the blue-beret veteran!!!


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