Terremoto em Porto Príncipe (Haiti) em 1770

Em 1770, um terremoto devastou Porto Príncipe e outras cidades do Haiti, e, após a destruição das poucas construções de alvenaria, toda a reforma foi feita com madeira.


of the Late Terrible Earthquake at Hispaniola. Newport [Rhode Island], July 2 [1770]. Last Thursday arrived the Brig Revenge, Capt. Evan Malbone, in 19 Days, from Nichola Mole, on Hispaniola, and Yesterday arrived the Brig Polly, Capt. Giles Stanton from the same Place, by whom we are inform’d, that on Sunday, the 3d of June, there was a terrible Earthquake in that Island, which had entirely thrown every House in Port au Prince except one, burying a great Number of the Inhabitants in the Ruins, 500 of whom had been dug out.

The Town of Leogane was almost intirely destroyed, with most of the Plantations adjacent: Petteguave, Grandguave and Cild-Sac, suffered greatly: A Village called Croit De Bouquets, containing about a Hundred Families, 2 Leagues from Port au Prince, had wholly sunk & disappear’d, there being Nothing but Water to be seen in its Place, the Plantations also being destroyed for many Miles round it.

There were 80 Persons in the Hospital at Port au Prince, all of whom were kill’d by the fall of the House except one Man.

A huge Inn, about a Mile from Leogane, with a Number of People in it, was instantly taken in by the opening of the Earth, so that no Remains of it could be seen.

The Trembling of the Earth lasted about two Days, all which Time great Numbers of People, who had escaped out of the Towns, continued sitting and walking on the Hills and Sides of the Mountains in continual Fear of being Swallowed down.

Many Vessels in the Harbour had their Cargoes shifted by the Violence of the Shock, in such Manner that some of the Hogsheads were found standing on their Heads, but the Vessels & People on Board received no Hurt.

A very high Mountain standing close by the Shore was thrown into the Sea, which caused a Swell to rise to the Height of 130 Feet above the common Surface; another large Mountain, about 2 Miles from Port au Prince, back in the Country, was blown up into the Air, leaving a large Bason of Water 3 or 4 Fathoms deep.

Capts Malbone and Stanton felt the Shock pretty bad at the Mole, about 130 or 140 Miles from Port au Prince, but no Damage was sustained at that Place.”

The Boston Evening-Post, July 9, 1770.

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