Haiti Update # 14: Message from USG Le Roy and USG Malcorra to DPKO-DFS Staff

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with great sorrow that we confirm today the loss of friends and colleagues, including those who were serving with the UN forces and UN Police in Haiti.

Mr. Mamadou Bah, Public Information Officer (France)
Ms. Ann Barnes, Personal Assistant to Police Commissioner (United Kingdom)
Mr. Cleiton Neiva, Associate Security Officer (Brazil)
Mr. Mark Gallagher, UN Police (Canada)
Mr. Adamou Biga Souley, UN Police (Niger)
Mr. Issa Mairigia, UN Police (Niger)
Ms. Rosa Crespo-Biel, UN Police (Spain)
Col. Emilio Carlos Torres dos Santos (Brazil)
Lt. Col. Marcus Vinicius Macedo Cysneiros (Brazil)
Lt. Col. Gonzalo Daniel Martirene Ruibal (Uruguay)
Maj. Franæisco Adolfo Vianna Martins Filho        (Brazil)
Maj. Marcio Guimarães Martins (Brazil)
Maj. Ashraf Ali Mohammad Jayousi (Jordan)
Maj. Ata Issa Almanasir (Jordan)
1st Lt        Bruno Ribeiro Mário (        Brazil)
WO Raniel Batista de Camargos (Brazil)
SSG Davi Ramos de Lima (Brazil)
SSG Leonardo de Castro Carvalho (Brazil)
Sgt. Rodrigo de Souza Lima (Brazil)
Sgt. Janice Dorado Arocena (Philippines)
Sgt. Eustacio C. Bermudez Jr. (Philippines)
Sgt. Pearlie T. Panangui (Philippines)
Cpl Ari Dirceu Fernandes Junior (Brazil)
Cpl Douglas Pedrotti Neckel (Brazil)
Cpl Washington Luiz de Souza Seraphim (Brazil)
Cpl Raed Faraj Alkhawaldeh (Jordan)
Pvt Tiago Anaya Detimermani (Brazil)
Pvt Kleber da Silva Santos (Brazil)
Pvt Antonio José Anacleto (Brazil)
Pvt Rodrigo Augusto da Silva (Brazil)
Pvt Felipe Goncalves Julio (Brazil)

Our deepest sympathies go out to their families and friends.

We know many of you are keen to hear about our police colleagues, and we thank you for your patience while we wait to receive clearance from some of the Police Contributing Countries to release names.  We will inform you as soon as we can.  

The Mission has confirmed that out of the 1,248 Haitian staff working for MINUSTAH, 33 are now unaccounted for, down from 41 yesterday.  The total number of MINUSTAH fatalities to date remains 81 (24 international civilian staff, 14 national staff, 1 UNV, 24 military personnel, 18 police officers), with 27 injured (three international civilian staff, one national civilian staff, four UNVs, four military personnel and 15 police officers) and 42 remaining unaccounted for (seven international staff, 33 national staff and two UN Volunteers).

As we continue to report on the magnitude of our loss, our thoughts remain with the families and friends of all the victims, the Haitian people and our UN colleagues who sacrificed their lives in striving for a better world.

Alain Le Roy and Susana Malcorra

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