20 years of Canadian police contributions to peace missions

Ottawa – February 26, 2009. The Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), William J.S. Elliott, together with Canadian police partners, will meet this week with Canadian police officers serving at the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) to mark the 20th anniversary of Canadian police contributions to international peace operations.

“Canadians can be proud of our strong international reputation for excellence in policing,” said Public Safety Minister, Peter Van Loan. “I commend the Canadian police officers from around this country who have made a difference in Haiti over the years.  Canada remains determined to pursue its commitment and to support the Government and the people of Haiti to help them make their country safer and more prosperous.”

“Two decades of hard work and perseverance have made significant contributions to global stability and earned Canada an international reputation for leadership and professionalism. As a result, the need for Canadian police trainers and mentors to serve on international missions has never been greater,” says Commissioner Elliott.

Under the RCMP’s leadership, approximately 2,000 police officers from the RCMP and other police services across the country have served on 52 missions in 29 countries since 1989.

“We currently have over 150 police officers deployed to peace operations in 12 countries, with requirements for more,” adds the Commissioner. “Our partnerships with municipal and provincial police services are critical to the continued success of our international deployments.”

Commissioner Elliott is travelling to Haiti with the Director of the Service de police de la ville de Montréal (SPVM), Mr Yvan Delorme, the Director General of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), Mr Richard Deschesnes, as well as the Deputy Chief of the Ottawa Police Service, Gilles Larochelle. They will also take the opportunity to recognize the efforts of their police service members currently serving at MINUSTAH.

The Canadian contingent in Haiti has the largest number of Canadian police officers in mission, with almost 95 UNPOL deployed. They are mandated to act as advisors to the Haitian National Police (HNP) in the areas of management, professional standards, training and mentoring. Almost 80% of the Canadian contingent in Haiti comes from the province of Québec.

“The success of SPVM officers deployed to Haiti is due in large part to their experience and knowledge of the Haitian community, established in Montreal since 1967”, says Montreal Police Director, Mr Yvan Delorme. “For the past 40 years, we have developed our skills, our knowledge and a good relationship with the Montreal Haitian community, which have allowed us to contribute positively to peace missions in Haiti since our first participation in 1995.  When our police officers come back from missions, they are more sensitive to Haitian community values, bringing better multicultural communications to the Greater Montreal Area.”

Police officers from the SQ are also very involved in Haiti. “The Sûreté du Québec is very conscious of the great needs of fragile states, which is why we have participated in United Nations missions since as early as 1995,” asserts the Sûreté du Québec Director General, Mr Richard Deschesnes. “We support all efforts which contribute to international peace and security.”

The Chief of the Service de police de la ville de Québec, Mr Serge Bélisle, who was unable to attend, also wanted to highlight the professionalism, determination and dedication of Quebec city police officers, as well as that of all policeman and policewomen participating in peace missions around the world.

About Canadian police operations in Haiti
Canada has been sending police officers to Haiti since 1993. They have participated in various technical and training missions to support the Haitian National Police. The first deployment of Canadian police to the current mission, MINUSTAH, took place in July 2004. Since then, approximately 500 police officers from the RCMP, as well as municipal and provincial police forces, have been deployed on  nine-month rotations.

About Canada’s International Police Peace Operations Program
On behalf of the Government of Canada, the RCMP’s International Peace Operations Branch (IPOB) manages the deployment of Canadian police personnel to countries experiencing or threatened by conflict and failed or fragile states. IPOB deploys Canadian civilian police to many countries such as Afghanistan, Sudan, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, East Timor and the Ivory Coast.

The demand for Canadian police expertise abroad continues to grow and within the next five years, the International Peace Operations Branch anticipates it may be called upon to deploy up to 500 police to peace operations around the world.

FONTE: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/news-nouvelles/2009/2009-02-26-mission-eng.htm

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