Relato de UNPOL internacional na MINUSTAH

Maybe all of you got some news on Haiti from media …
Riot in Haiti is cooling down by far, it started from 2nd April from west city Les Cayes,  it got worse on 4th April after an American media soldier shooting  an pity hungry demonstrator who was dead imediately with four holes in his black skinny body. the demonstration was calling for lowing down the cost of daily life, it was supportted by La Valas that was supporter of former Haitian President, this political party distributed money for who volunteer to join the demonstraton ,10 $ each per day…after this incident, the local showed their destructive power by stoning to MINUSTAH and buring tyres,breaking stores and burning finance orgnizations–bank and insurance company…military open fire to sky and tear gas were popular used to all aggressive crowds. in PaP, the Catital city, whole city was full of demonstrators  peaceful or aggressive, some of gangsters tried to low down the national flag from Presidential Palace, lots of UN vehicles got stones gifts from the angry haitian,Ministry of Industry was broke down…Brazilian army was firstly respond to the spot and open waring fire to sky, thousands of tear gas were launched to the corwds in frontit cooled down from 10th April. from today (12th April),the citizen return to normal life–they are tired. we (…) worked more than 12 hours per day…;we are preparing for next week’s possible demonstration this weekend. it’s terrible.”
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